We currently stock the following:

Apple juice concentrate
Grape juice concentrate
Grapefruit (Pink) concentrate
Lemon juice concentrate
Lime concentrate
Mango concentrate
Mango Puree
Pear concentrate
Strawberry Concentrate

High quality Italian manufactured fruit concentrates includes the following and comes in a 25kg aseptic pack. These concentrates can be brought in small quantities on consolidated sea-freight shipments:

Acai Concentrate
Apricot Concentrate
Banana Concentrate
Blackberry Concentrate
Blackcurrant Concentrate
Blueberry Concentrate
Cranberry Concentrate
Elderberry Concentrate
Fig Puree Concentrate
Grapefruit Concentrate
Guava Concentrate
Lime Concentrate
Lychee Concentrate
Mandarin Concentrate
Mango Concentrate
Melon Concentrate
Orange Concentrate
Papaya Concentrate
Passion Fruit Concentrate Pulpy and Clear
Peach Concentrate
Pineapple Concentrate
Plum Concentrate
Pomegranate Concentrate
Raspberry Concentrate Clear and with Seeds
Redcurrant Concentrate
Rhubarb Puree Concentrate
Sour Cherry Concentrate
Strawberry Concentrate Clear and with Seeds
Sweet Cherry Concentrate
Watermelon Concentrate