Butter Buds are dairy and non dairy concentrates manufactured by enzymatic breakdown of the triglyceride molecules to fatty acids. Fatty acids at very low concentrates, below the flavour threshold gives the perception of enhanced mouthfeel, ability to mask off flavours and synergistic effects with ingredients to enhance the flavour profile. These products above the threshold can give the flavour of the named product. These products are natural.

Butter Bud range of products can be used in a wide range of applications.

Butter Buds – from Wisconsin, USA, are the benchmark to which all other dairy flavours are matched. They are used by leading flavour and food companies around the world.

Stocked items

Butter Buds 32X – 32X the strength of butter, gives richness & flavour enhancement. Best in savoury applications (sauces, gravy, mayonnaise).

Cream Plus – Gives creamy notes & mouth-feel. Good for masking off-notes.

Cheese Buds Aged Cheddar – Australian cheddar style flavour with slightly sweet base notes.

Cheese Buds Cheddar – Twice as strong as aged cheddar. Has a slight savoury note.

Other Butter Buds Products

See the Butter Buds global website for list of products. https://www.bbuds.com/food-ingredients/products/