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Magnum Essence began at the end of the last century, in November 1999.

We’ve grown steadily from a maker of brewed soft-drink kits for home brew and the supplier of a few flavours, to become the premier flavour and food ingredient supplier to food and beverage manufacturers in Western Australia.

Magnum Essence supplies to approximately 100 West Australian food and beverage companies, from the largest to the smallest cottage-scale business.

We cover most sectors:

  • bakery
  • beverage
  • brewing
  • coffee and cafe
  • confectionery
  • dairy
  • franchise and food service
  • health and nutrition
  • meat and smallgoods
  • pasta and prepared meals
  • pies
  • sauces and dressings.

Magnum Essence has a small factory making syrups and powder blends using the flavours and ingredients we sell. This means we know our products from an “end use” perspective and it gives us the ability to provide you with honest advice, and also to supply many products in smaller pack sizes than our competition.

Good testament to the company is that all our foundation customers and key staff are still with us, which means our staff know the products well and they know the customers even better.

Remember, even products made with the best and freshest ingredients will taste better with some flavour to compensate for that lost in processing and cooking. Natural flavours are much more readily available today and technology improvements mean prices and profiles are better too.